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Welcome to Rx Weight Loss

We are here to share information on some popular weight loss solutions including diet programs, diet pills, herbal weight loss etc. We do not advocate or recommend any products or services and we hope that our visitors can benefit from learning about the various weightloss alternatives.

Prescription Diet Pills

In most cases, prescription diet pills are not a safe and easy way to lose weight. Under certain medical situations physicians may prescribe diet medicines but these should only be used under direct supervision of your doctor. For people wanting to look closer at this option we review popular diet pills such as Phentermine diet pills, Adipex, Ionamin, Meridia and more.

Losing weight these days can be very difficult. People have busy lives and too often choose to eat fatty and sugary foods with high calories, high fat and supersized portions.  For those of us who have weight problems this certainly doesn't help our situation.

There are so many weight loss programs and diet pills out there, it's important that you treat all the components that contribute to weight problems. Healthy lifestyle, exercise, good food are all part of the equation. Before engaging in any weight loss regimen, consult your physician to make sure it is the right thing for your situation.